the new hair..

.. no I’m just kidding (its hidden in the t-shirt). Seriously guys, did you really think I would let my brother cut off all my hair?! No way, he just cut like 1-2 inches ;) But I’m actually thinking of getting it cut almost like in these pictures (by someone professional though). I’m so tired of long hair at the moment..

39 thoughts on “the new hair..

  1. It looks good but I wouldn’t cut your long hair. Your long hair looks so beautiful!!!
    It’s so feminin when a beautiful women like you has so beautiful blonde long hair.

  2. Omg, don’t cut the hairs, you have very beautiful ones!!!!

  3. That looks very good on you!

    At first my hair was as long as yours, I had the same idea of getting a new cut, got bored of the length..
    But my new cut turned out to be a disaster! I had it cut just like you’re thinking of, but because of the length ending on the shoulders, the ends began to stand out, so my hair got this ‘bell-shape’!! Even a straightner didn’t work.

    Just saying think twice before you do it! It would look good on you though

  4. KLIPP INTE! Jag hade hår ner till rumpan förrut sen fick jag också ett sånt där ryck, jag kände bara att fan vad jag är trött på att ha långt det är bara i vägen. Så jag klippte av det och dagen efter mådde jag så dåligt och saknade det så mycket att jag inte viste vad jag skulle göra. Var så förbannad på mig själv för det tar ju några år innan det har vuxit tillbaka igen. Kom ihåg, En gång långhårig ALLTID långhårig!!

  5. oh, either way you would look stunning! the short hair would be a lovely, fresh look. but, long hair is so dreamy as well!

  6. I think you would look beautiful with pretty much any haircut! The way it looks on the picture makes you look very “rocker-chic”.

    But I understand what you mean when you say you’re tired of long hair. I had that about three years ago because everyone had long hair and I had never had short hair. So I cut it about chin-length and I never went back to long hair :)

  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Your hair is so beautiful, mine is naturally the same colour and I started growing it about a year ago so it would look like yours. Nearly there!!

  8. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, naturally wavy and blonde; many girls would kill to have your hair. I recently cut my hair short very short and its only because it matched my bone structure of my face. I love it BUT i also want long hair some days, we always want what we dont have. Keep those Rapunzel like locks!

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  9. NOOOO!!!!!!! Don’t cut it! You look beautiful with long hair! STUNNING!

  10. it would be just as beautiful that length, but loads of my friends have cut their long long locks and then wanted it back the next day. be careful what you do! x

  11. EEKS! Those of us with really short hair CRAVE long hair and I guess its the opposite for you. I have to say that I really do loveeeee your long hair, if you want to change it you should; its your choice. Besides, its only hair; it’ll grow out. And you’re hot so it doesn’t really even matter ;).

  12. Do not cut your hair!! You’re really lucky to have long, beautiful and healthy hair! It’s pretty rare to see amazing hair like yours!
    And I’m sure you would be disappointed after all…

  13. You look great with gwyneth paltrow length hair, but your long hair is kind of your trademark, such beautifully textured gorgeous blonde hair it’s not something you come by often. It always adds an edge to your mostly dark-colored outfits, just look at your chictopia banner on the sidebar, the tiny pictures prove my point..

  14. ojoj, var försiktig!
    Jag gjorde så, klippte av nästan allt hår för att jag var trött på det långa. Tyckte det var snyggt och fräsht i två dagar, sedan ångrade jag mig djupt och håller nu på och sparar ut allt igen. That said, så skulle du passa fint i den längden.

  15. Oh so cute! You’d look awesome with short hair, I’m sure about it :)

  16. don’t do it!!! I looooove your hair i’ve always wanted it like yours, you’ll regret itttt

  17. shorter hair suit you so well ! Like you, I’m tired of long hair but i’m not corageous enough to cut them !

  18. It looks so pretty.
    It makes me want cutt off my hair. =)
    But I love your long hair too. Haha


  19. Vous êtes magnifique mademoiselle, si vous venez en France je me ferai un plaisir de vous recevoir, your haircut is just fine, i guess anyhow your hair is your still shiny and cute.

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