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  1. Arushi Khosla: Yes I did but I ordered them from their first stock back in July that sold out in a couple of hours! Orders that where made before July 13 where shipped before July 31! :) I think they have restocked twice since!

  2. Hej hej Carolina, vilken storlek valde du och vilken storlek har du i vanliga fall?

  3. Alma: Hallå snygging! Jag tog storlek 9 som motsvarar en svensk 39 enligt deras storlekstabell, är väl typ en 38,5:a men brukar ta 39 i skor med stängd tå, hoppas att det hjälper :)

  4. faaaaaabulous, dahling! can’t wait to see them in action- i’m sure you’ll style them perfectly!

  5. Oh my gosh gosh gosh those are just beautiful. Hopefully you’ll wear them in an outfit post sometime soon..?! You haven’t posted outfits in sooo long girl! I’m missing them!


  6. Poster Girl: Well, I have only worn them for 5 minutes in my apartment when I tried them on, but so far they actually feel really comfortable, the platform sole helps a lot! I’ll let you know more as soon as I have given them a proper test run! :)

  7. Shannah: I know!! My boyfriend who takes all the pictures has been in San Francisco for 3 weeks but I promise to post some as soon as he gets home :)

  8. Can’t wait to see these on my feet!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  9. mine should be arriving next week!

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  10. Oh gosh, they are perfect.. I can’t wait til September when mine arrive! Ahhh damn bills all being due when the first lot went on pre-order haha. Can’t wait to see more pics with them x

  11. they’re fantastic! i’m curious how you’ll work them out, but i’m sure it will turn out amazing!

  12. I love the color on these photographs
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  13. ah, i ordered mine a while ago, i hope they arrive soon, so insanely excited, look forward to seeing how you wear yours <3

  14. There are SOOOOooo popular at the moment yet not many places are doing such high quality examples. Good fine!

  15. Just tried to buy them, but they’re out of stock! LOVE THEM! Are they comfortable given how high they are?

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