the last sunset


THURSDAY. Spent the most amazing evening eating sushi by the water while watching the sunset. Everything was absolutely perfect until I dropped my sunglasses in the water(!). My sweet boyfriend dove into the water and tried to find them without any luck. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the last pictures of my beloved sunglasses. May they rest in peace at the bottom of the sea!










Zara Blouse. Zara Skirt. Botkier Bag. Pennyblack shoes. Bimba & Lola Bracelet. Sunglasses from Anthropologie.

144 thoughts on “the last sunset

  1. I was actually scuba diving waiting for an opportune moment to take them. They are now mine, wahaha! :D

  2. Too bad you lost your sunglasses but you have got a very good story:) So cute your boyfriend doing that for you, so romantic:)

  3. Awww I lost my sunglasses recently too :(

    That starfish bracelet is an absolute dream.

  4. sorry about the sunglasses :(. but it’s really sweet that your boyfriend dove in after them :).

  5. Love the Bimba and Lola bracelet! They have great stuff. That green colored skirt is also gorgeous. Sorry about your sunglasses! One time I dove into the ocean with a new pair of glasses propped on my head, and I didn’t even notice they were gone until I had gotten out!

  6. Lovely accessories! The bracelet is so unique…They really take the outfit to the next level!

  7. I love that outfit, so simple and chic! All the accessories are ammmazing…totally want that bracelet!


  8. Too bad, they were cute! Nice look, anyway! Love the way the green is set off by the white of the shirt.

  9. I reaaaally like the bracelet! What a pity that your sunnies dropped in the water!

  10. Oh I am so sorry about your glasses, they were really cool. I love this skirt on you, green is a great color, and I also like the shoes, very yummy!:D

  11. Oh… R.I.P., dear sunglasses. :)
    I absolutely love that B&L bracelet!! I actually love them all from this past season, I have one as well and I can’t take it of.. :D Have a great weekend, Carolina! ;)

  12. I love the green skirt – it really stands out as a bright color, and it’s perfect for the summer! I also am in love with the starfish bracelet… That is now on my wish list. Great outfit!

  13. Such a beautiful simplistic style, I wish the weather was like that here. I love the colour of your skirt aswell. x x

  14. love your blog!
    and your outfit (:

  15. I LOOOOVE your see- through top and bra underneath!

    <3 Visit my blog please:

  16. What a tragic story! I hate loosing sunglaces :( these were beautiful.. I’m sure you’ll find some to replace them though

  17. Love everything in this whole outfit! Especially the bracelet!!
    And what a shame of your shades


  18. I love the blog and all your outfit choices. They are very inspiring! I wish I had your closet!

    check out mine sometime :)

  19. oh no! i HATE that feeling. when you lose something you love. even though it’s just material. more importantly, how cute is your story about your man jumping in to save them cause you adored them so much!! love!

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