18 thoughts on “the girl on a motorcycle

  1. She’s a little bit to skinny for me, to be considered as “sexy”. Those arms need some meat. However, she’s doing av very good job in the video. But I would have considered Doutzen Kroes or one of the other Victoria’s Secret-girls as more appropiate to play “sexy kitten”.

  2. im sorry but that was not AT ALL sexy.. almost pedaphilic, she looks about 14 its just wrong to place her as being sexy

  3. well i´ve seen this video here and there now for several times, and i´m stunned. there´s something about it, the music, the slow-mo, abbey of course. i´m in love, and i´m not even a boy ;)

  4. I kinda agree with some of the other comments. Abbey Lee is beautiful but not sexy. another model with more curves would be hotter.

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