the Flesh & Blood issue


i-D winter 2009 featuring Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen & Claudia Schiffer – picture via fashiongonerouge

i-D. I have to get my hands on the latest issue of i-D, the cover is amazing!!

16 thoughts on “the Flesh & Blood issue

  1. ohhh, i-D my fave-est magazine, even more than Dazed & Confused! gotta get my hands on this issue, looks promising :)

    loving your blog btw!


  2. Ta det här på rätt sätt nu, men din blogg börjar verkligen bli trist. Du bara rebloggar någon annans bild varannan dag! Jag började läsa för att du verkade vara en jäkla sympatisk och grym tjej som samlade på fina saker och klädde sig som en superstar, men har typ slutat gå in på din blogg nu för det finns ingen ambition kvar. Ville bara säga det, och jag hoppas jag inte uppfattas som elak! Hoppas du kommer tillbaka, saknar the good old Fashionsquad.

  3. Jag älskar omslaget. Tur att mamma fick vantarna på numret snabbt, det känns som om det kommer ta slut fort!

  4. Your blog has change soo much, now you don’t post pictures of your outifs,please do it again, I love them.

  5. Your blog used to be so much better. You never post pictures of yourself anymore! I’ve seen this same photo on about 5 other blogs, find something more creative to write about.

  6. I think the picture is incredible, but how often do we just follow magazines for the fame without really noticing new magazines that offer a fresh approach towards the world of fashion? Well, the other day I was surfing on the web and came across some very cool magazines, my personal favourite is Schön! Magazine, it is just new and fresh … completely worth looking at the link and help to promote new magazines and new talent.. The same way that models get old and changed, we have to learn to appreciate different and new things..

    well sorry for the speech but check it out and let me know what you think! xx

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