the Elle gala

Outfit pictures by Sania Claus

ELLE. This Friday I had the pleasure of attending the swedish Elle Gala for the first time. Had a minor break down the day before when I realised that the dress I was going to wear didn’t work out but then I found this amazing bright, floral dress in a vintage store and fell madly in love with it! Decided to pair it with a gorgeous Malene Birger choker necklace that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, a purple clutch from Acne and shoes from Jessica Simpson. But let’s put the focus on someone else for a minute, how amazing does my friend Ida look in her gorgeous, sheer lace dress from Ida Sjöstedt?! Talk about goddess material! I have the shorter version which is lovely as well, but the longer one is an absolute dream!

  Huge thanks to Elle for an amazing evening and of course to Sania for helping me out with the outfit pictures ;)

VINTAGE dress. MALENE BIRGER choker necklace. ACNE clutch. HÉRMES bracelet. JESSICA SIMPSON shoes. MAKE UP STORE lipstick in “Señorita”.


165 thoughts on “the Elle gala

  1. Your outfit is extremely fun! I am IN LOVE – head over heels in love – with your friends dress!! It’s stunning!!

  2. I don’t know what I love about this but it’s so pretty!! Haha, you look magnificent in the dress and such perfect combo.

  3. such an original dress!! very impressive, and pretty too!
    Do you want to follow each other on bloglovin? im your fan already!


  4. Carolina I think you really have an amazing sense of style. That’s why you’re actually one of the most important and influent bloggers.
    But here I have to say that you were completely wrong with your choice. The dress is cute, funny and fits your perfectly but it’s ideal for a walk in the city or an evening out with your friends. I personally find it wrong for the Elle gala. A simple long black dress would have been a better option for instance…
    On the contrary your friend Ida looks stunning…

  5. Great outfit? If you’re going to the park maybe. The dress is absolutely wrong! This is the Elle Gala, you should’ve worn something a bit more glam than that. Sorry, but I think it’s awful!

  6. Patricia & Crista: hahaha well, I guess the name of the event is a bit misleading because it’s by no means a gala. It’s an event with a fashion show and a buffé and a rocking after party. The dress code for the event was ”party” and that’s what I dressed for! If there would have been a black tie dresscode that would have been a completely different thing! :)

  7. Well, I have to say that you look really good in this outfit. Love every item. Well done! :)

  8. You look amazing! OMG how much fun is it to work for Elle Magazine??? The vintage dress found at the last minute looks amazing on you, I love the shoes and the bag you paired it with!

  9. Love the fact you dress so colourful ! often people wear black on those events, which looks good, but you really stand out. That lace dress is beautiful aswell. Looks like a cool event, love the location/decoration
    fashion and lifestyle in BElgium

  10. You looked great in your dress and so does your friend. It’s a dream of a white dress. Amazing!

    Love, B.

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