The dreamy home of an Australian photographer

Kara Rosenlund's home (via

Photos via designsponge 

AT HOME WITH. Remember that gorgeous photograph by Kara Rosenlund that I had on my wishlist a couple of weeks ago? Well, today I stumbled upon Kara’s lovely little cottage located in Australia and thought I had to share it with you guys. I love the neutral color palette and the way she uses different shades of brown to warm up the space!

at home with Kara Rosenlund (via

Kara Rosenlund's gorgeous livingroom (via

Kara Rosenlund's dreamy bedroom (via

Kara Rosenlund's dreamy bathroom (via

At home with Kara Rosenlund (via

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78 thoughts on “The dreamy home of an Australian photographer

  1. Not only do I admire beautiful homes like this but I have so much respect for the people that create them. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a certain aesthetic and carefully select what will/will not be displayed. I have a friend’s voice in my head every time I want to get something new telling me that I’m going to become a knick-knack lady!

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