THE denim vest


Denim vest, thrifted. Tee, Zara. Jeans, H&M. Shoes, Zara. Bag, Miu Miu. Sunglasses, Karen Walker.

SATURDAY. I found this amazing denim west the other day at a local thrift store that turned out to be a real goldmine. The place was packed with awesome clothes and I went home with a huge bag containing 7 garments and 5 belts, for under $20!! I just love treasure hunting in unexpected thrift stores, you never know what might be hiding inside.

33 thoughts on “THE denim vest

  1. I’ve been debating getting a denim vest, I don’t know if I could pull it off though…
    You sure can though!

  2. I love those Karen Walker sunglasses, been contemplating getting a pair. I love the turquoise ones she makes. The vest is killer, next time I go thrift shopping I’m going to look for one, or a jacket and just hack off the sleeves.

  3. I love the vest: i have a really similar thrifted one that i bleached: adore it!

    also love that you wear your miu miu 24.7: it’s like your staple and the it’s gorgeous on your arm and the miu miu navy is just the definition of perfection!

    gorgeous as always,


  4. ooooh i love the new header AND the MUI MUI- i know you’ve had it for a while but it still looks as delicious as ever
    xoxo kelsey

  5. Vad fin du är! Av någon anledning fastnade jag vid dina läppar och vilket fin färg de har, är de naturella eller är det färg du har på läpparna? Vad är det för färg och märke i sådana fall? Tack för bra blogg!

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