the claw


Pendant, Fairfax flee market.

LOVE. On the day before my departure I got a day off and we visited the Fairfax flee market where I found this insane claw pendant. I bought it from a guy who makes the most insane jewellry out of recycled bullet cases, brilliant! Remember my silvery one from RP/Encore? Well, this bad boy is about 5 times bigger! Still need to find a chunky gold chain that is sturdy enough to hold this heavy weighter though..

61 thoughts on “the claw

  1. great find! I actually saw some claw earrings like that in silver recently… maybe there’s a claw phenomenon in fashion going around!

  2. I’ve been searching for a claw pendant for quite some time! I love this one, can’t wait to see what you wear it with!!!

  3. Oh you got that at the Melrose Trading Post. I really should go this weekend I have never been and I’ve lived in LA for two years. Could be fun.

  4. Ya that guy is pretty well known around the LA Flea-Scene. I have so many castings of his including tiny bird skulls as well. You can also make requests! Last year he got us bat skulls also xx

  5. Hi, I bought from him before but Im all the way in Portland Oregon and want more. Do you know if he has a website or did he give you a card??

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