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Silk blouse, thrifted. Fake leather pants, H&M. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Chair, thrifted.

WEDNESDAY. I just wanted to show you guys my new awesome chair that I found at a local thrift store yesterday. I had to fight for it ’cause the boyfriend wasn’t too fond of it at first. But after spending some quality time with it (on the bus while carrying it home), they now get along pretty well!

The blue silk blouse is another one of my most cherished thrift finds.
But you know me, I’m a sucker for anything blue.

54 thoughts on “the chair

  1. Love the entire set up. I love how the chair adds to the outfit that adds to the mood of enjoying a good drink and good fashion. Superb!!!

  2. I can only tell you that the chair was worth fighting for! And well, the colour blue also suits you very well! ;D
    May I ask where your rings are from, they look gorgeous?!

  3. nice find with the chair! i just went thrifting monday and found some great things!


  4. Oh I love the androgynous look that you’re rocking here! I love ur beautiful long locks, but they look great pulled back! Oh and congrats on thrifting that chair! Looks absolutely charming :)

  5. again, i really really really love your picture! the second on is my fave. and that chair is such a great find. looks like it will add something special to your decor. p.s. awesome blouse. love the blue =)

  6. Great chair, great colors!!! and you look beautiful!

  7. Don’t cut it! you and your hair are the epitome of beauty! just get some fringe! love your stuff… everyday!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wow, that chair… makes your legs look so long!
    Glad you stuck to your guns on the chair, the print and shape of the back is truly a great interior find.

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