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Raspberry red silk cape, vintage from Lailo (barcelona). Lace dress, Gina Tricot. Shoes, Minimarket. Necklaces, Efva Attling + vintage (Miami).

VOILA. When I saw it in the window at the vintage shop Lailo, I knew I had to have it. When I tried it on, it was like we where ment for each other. It was love at first sight. According to the owner of the boutique it had been used at the opera in Barcelona before which makes it even more special (I love garment that has a history!). Before I bought it my boyfriend asked me when I planned on using it. – When I’m going to the grocery store to buy milk! I replied. It’s by far the most gorgeous thing I have _ever_ owned.

55 thoughts on “the cape

  1. This cape is absolutely stunning! The color looks great on you, and really pops up on the screen. If only clothes in Los Angeles were as vibrant!

  2. omgod ! it’s sooooo be a u t i f u l on you! it was definitely meant to be.
    one of a kind- great find! and i love how you styled it. the pink lipstick is great !


  3. I have never been so speechless.

    So amazing, I don’t know what to say…keep that forever!


  4. i from spain. los zapatos me encantan y el color de la capa es precioso pero me parece un poco larga no? xdd.
    tu estilo es genial. xdd


  5. Wow – that really is one of the best vintage finds I’ve seen. The cape looks absolutely stunning on you and I love how you paired it with those Minimarkt booties. Absolutely gorgeous outfit. And you really look like a model in those pictures – so beautiful!

  6. Wooooooow this HOT Pink cape is delightfully full of “Girlie Majesty”, AND the 3th picture (notably this One) is truly Bewitching, OR when a sensual move of mane meets such a wistful/melancholic gaze !!! Frankly Stunning.

  7. hehe: “when I’m going to the grocery store to buy milk!”
    i like the way you think!
    oh, and it’s gorgeous!

  8. the cape looks so amazing on you! clothes with a story are more special and it’s great to wear them and to know that you can give them an new story.

  9. wow Carolina! you look incredible! i would love to go vintage shopping with you.. you have a great eye!

  10. Have you considered being a model? You are incredibly beautiful and you have that high-fashion model look. In some of those photos you look like Lara Stone! It could be effortless for you, right?

  11. PLEASE STOP IMITATING JANE WITH SEA OF SHOES. YOU ARE A HUGE COPY CAT! Fashion is supposed to be original.

  12. “ELLA”: I’m super curious to hear in what way I am “imitating” her by wearing a one of a kind vintage cape from Barcelona?

  13. I bought the same cape a few weeks ago in the same store, its one of the most special things i own and i love it, the store itself was an amaxizing experience!
    (How much did you pay)

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