the box

WHITE. I love white but I usually tend to stay away from it when it comes to accessories (mostly because I’m such a messy person, I usually ruin anything white in less than a day). But when I stumbled upon this awesome box shaped bag with rose gold details I kind of caved (who wouldn’t?!). Can’t wait to wear it with a total white look!

 ZARA white box bag.


95 thoughts on “the box

  1. First of all I cannot believe that is Zara! Second, I totally know what you mean regarding accessories in white since I bought a white Balenciaga and (unlike my others) it looked totally disgusting ‘worn-in’.

    Having said that, Phoebe Philo made me craaaave for white heels this spring! (and even into fall!)


  2. love it!
    I had not seen this at Zara..thanks for the scoop..can’t wait to see how you style it up

  3. Totally agree with you, I usually steer well clear of anything white accessories wise, but this is just perfection! Can’t believe it’s Zara either, it looks so much more expensive!

  4. Such a beautiful bag.
    I love how simple it looks, but would completely finish off an outfit. Beautiful, I especially like the rose gold touches – looks so much better than I imagine it would in gold/silver xx

  5. I’m always wishing I wasn’t too messy/clumsy for white! I’m sure I could justify a bag though?! This is gorgeous, the rose gold detailing is so lovely

  6. ok yes, i need to go find and get this now! u think they’ll have it in LONDON at this point? *grabbing my keys and wallet and getting outta my house* lol ;)

    u always have such good taste dear!

    xx nathan.niche


  7. Absolutely adore the clean lines of this bag. I’ve seen some chunky naked feet sandals from Topshop with white leather straps and a copper reflective finish heel that would go with this sooo perfectly. You should have a look, see if you like.
    Just exploring your blog for the first time and enjoying your personal style. Particularly like the way you present your spectacular finds – the end pictures are more professional looking than on many blogs.
    Peace X

  8. Beautiful box purse. I just did that thing, where you find a new blog and keep looking through the archives without being to stop. Really enjoyed reading and seeing the pics, which are worth a certain number of words :) I’ve finally built up the courage to set my own blog up and I hope it’s as successful as yours one day! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Sophie X

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