141 thoughts on “the big blue

  1. Really blue photos, loved it. The colours are so bright! Amazing. =))
    your dress is really cute.

  2. I love Barcelona!!! It is the city of my heart!!! Miss it!
    Great pictures! Go to drink a glass of wine or a sangria at “BOSQUE DE LAS ALDAS”!!!

  3. barcelona is one of my favorite european cities – i hope you’re loving it!



  4. You look so happy on these pictures, like your sandals very much and also your dress

  5. love the pattern of the dress!



  6. are those sandals new/current season?? i cant find them on the website!! :(

  7. I adore your dress!! Those are my favorite colors. :) And ahhh that blue wall… I wish I had somewhere around here with such a beautiful background. And lucky you to be in SPAIN. :D oh, and the confidence to pull off big sunnies… I have a small face and I can’t bring myself to wear them. You rock it, though! :)

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  8. Omg the dress the dress the dress it’s so pretty and all the pictures lovely!


  9. i loveeee Barca!!! It has the most amazing beach and tapas ;) have fun!

  10. Oh, Barcelona <3 I love it so much! Great photos!
    I also like your outfit. It fits so perfectly into the summerly mood there :) xx

  11. Nice dress :)
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