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HAIR. I finally cut the 70s inspired bangs that I’ve been dying to get since my hair dresser Karolina at Corinne & Friends brought the idea up 6 months ago. I was soooo happy with the result and couldn’t stop looking at my new hair in the mirror. And then, when I woke up this morning I realized that I had absolutely no clue how to make it look as good as it did yesterday. Fortunately, Karolina suggested that I should pop in for a styling lesson next week, can’t wait to learn how to do my hair like a professional ;)

68 thoughts on “the bangs

  1. Gorgeous hair! I am slightly lucky. My hair waves like that naturally. However, it would look as beautiful as yours if it wasnt so frizzy.

  2. The hairstyle fits you really well! can you post pictures of your new apartment? :D

  3. Victoria: Nivea volume shine ultra glossy i färgen berry jelly 03! Extra plus för att det luktar gott också!

    Isabel: absolutely, I’ll try to do that sometime soon! :)

    Ida: Återkommer när jag har varit på återbesök hos frisören ;)

    Nina: Haha men oj vad upprörd man kan bli då, visste inte att min frisyr skulle vara ett så känsligt ämne. Lugna dig lite för guds skull, det är bara hår! ;)

  4. Really nice cut! lovely on you! it softens your face, and did you colored your hair a bit darker?? or maybe it’s just the light of the pictures… lovely anyway! :-)

  5. Looks awsome! I have had toughts about a similar style for myself. Was supposed to go to Bumble&Bumble today but gonna stay in because of the snow storm we have over here!

  6. Oh, they look so cute. I think I’m gonna be doing the same soon. Going short for the first time in about 10 years!

  7. You’re absolutely gorgeous!
    You kinda look like Kristen Bell in these pictures!! (esp pic 3)

  8. Jätte snyggt! Har samma hår färg som dig och det är, verkligen roligt att få lite inspiration!

  9. My bangs NEVVEERRRR look as good as i think they did yesterday. Even worse, they never look as good as they did in the morning before i left. yours look gorg, mine have been chopped way past that point!

  10. I love the bangs, they look so good on you! I’m wondering how you make them look that way…I’ve been trying but is sooo hard specially with hot AND humid weather :(

  11. Hai I really love your blog and I’ve been reading it for the past 6months or more. You hav incredibly great style and just very true to who u r which is inspiring. If you hav a look at my blog(which is very new) i will appreciate it a lot. and your hair is gorgeous! Thankyou

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