the attic


Dress, Topshop. Hat, Zara. Jacket, Primark. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Bag, Miu Miu.

MONDAY. Long dress + assymetric cut = love!

80 thoughts on “the attic

  1. i was looking at that dress last week.
    I just wish it was without arms, with straps instead then it would be peeerfect



  2. Ah, I’m looking forward wearing my own dress with a diagonal cut! It’s so stylish and you look just gorgeous in yours!

  3. I’m really obsessed with your lipstick color. Where did you buy it? it’s from mac?

    You always look gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous!!!

  4. niiiiiiiiice, looks very cute.

    heh, the sign in the back says “smoking not allowed” in danish / old norwegian. where are you at?

  5. I’m definitely in LOVE with you and your blog. Always inspiring me ! =) I could never put into words how I feel when I visit your blog, you’re such a muse ! A lot of love from France <3

  6. looking amazing, lady!
    also, happy birthday to you and your blogger baby-
    here is to many years to come!


  7. Lovely combo! Great dress, love that asymmetric look, you rock it! I the exact same hat but rarely use it – you make me wanna pull it out of my stuffed closet :)

  8. so jealous.this dress sold out in london a long time ago

    first time leave a comment.
    love xxxx

  9. I love asymmetrical anything and that dress, esp in grey, looks great on you. love the shoes too!

  10. WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT GORGEOUS DRESS? i’m searching like crazy on topshop’s site and i can’t find it anywhere..

  11. I loovve what you are wearing! I was also wondering what camera you use, i really want one but dont know what to get. xx

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