Taking the streets






First picture stolen from Aimee
On the spot romper, Nasty Gal. Kimono, Vintage. Bag, Miu Miu. Sunnies, Karen Walker. Shoes, Bronx.

FLEAMARKETS. I’ve basically been living in this vintage kimono that I found at a fleamarket I went to with Aimee last week. Besides the fact that it’s shiny (and you know how much I love anything shiny) it’s super lightweight and takes up no space in my bag.
In other words, it’s perfect for San Francisco weather that can change from good to bad in a second.

89 thoughts on “Taking the streets

  1. Ohhh I need a pair of those KW’s, so sex. I love your trolly photos tooooo. Looks like fun babe. x

  2. HA, I’m also on San fran for a little holiday!
    Check out sfmoma the Calder to worhol exhibit is dope!

  3. You look great in these photos, and as always, your taste is impeccable. I am obsessed with your kimono as well. I try and find vintage kimonos on ebay. You may be interested in entering a beso.com sponsored contest being held on Chictopia’s blog for a chance to win a $500 cash prize and become the Beso Fashion Correspondent for the month of August. Thank you for sharing, as always, I look forward to your daily posts.

  4. I have a similar thrifted shiny kimono that I also love for the same reasons! The only problem is it’s so shiny and glittery that it actually sheds glittery powder (but not the annoying kind). Instant drag queen party every time hahaha


  5. Both the jackets are amazing!
    I have been trying to find ones like that for months.

  6. Hi! I love your blog! Sorry for being so straight, but I can’t help wondering what cosmetics do you use? You have such a perfect skin! :-o

  7. Wow you are really beautiful and your blog inspires me a lot, love the green jacket with flowers!
    You are on my blog! :) <3

  8. Amazing! All your works are amazing.
    You look amazing girl!
    what gorgeous pictures!! amazing

  9. ive been head over heels for persona accessories lately (www.personaworld.com) but i hear that cross ring calling my name. love the polka dot top too!!

  10. Sitter fortfarande & scrollar i din grymma blogg. Man kan inte riktigt få nog av den, men vad är det du gör exakt? Bor du i U.S.A. & så?

  11. oh i looove htat kimono, i’m obsessed with them atm and yours is so beautiful! san fran seems like an awsome town as well

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