Midsummer’s Eve

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

SUMMER. Last Friday we celebrated my favorite holiday above all others, Midsummer’s Eve. It’s the time of the year when the summer solstice occurs and the days never seem to end. We gather wildflowers to put in our hair, dance around the maypole and eat lot’s of amazing food. It’s also the day when magic was believed to be at it’s strongest. Legend has it that if you pick a bouquet of seven different flowers and put them under your pillow before you go to sleep that night, you will dream of your future spouse.. If it works? I guess time will tell ;)

Living in a country where the sun plays hide and seek most part of the year definitely makes you cherish summer on a whole new level. Some people can’t seem to understand how we can endure the cold, dark winters here up north, but if you’ve ever experienced scandinavian summer at it’s best, you know why. Of all the places I’ve traveled to, never have I experienced anything more beautiful than Swedish summer!

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