hello sunshine

SPRING. The day we snapped these pictures last week must have been the first official day of spring in Sweden, and I can’t even explain how much I have missed the sun during this long, dark winter. Last week I showed you a sneak peek of this look and here is the full outfit!

The jacket is a new found love that I’m a bit obssessed with at the moment, which I’m sure you’ll notice in the coming outfit posts, hehe. Besides, most of my clothes are packed in boxes at the moment as me & my boyfriend are moving into a new apartment in the coming week. We’ll get the keys to the new place on Friday so this weekend will be all about painting, putting up wallpapers and other fun stuff, so if I don’t have time to post a lot this weekend you know why! Seriously can’t wait to move in!! :)



Pictures by Mattias Swenson

NYC. As I mentioned the other day I still have so many pictures left to post from NY! Wore this outfit to the IFB conferance on feb 8th and finally got to use my beloved leather jacket that has been hiding in my closet all winter, (usually a pretty good sign that spring has arrived, even though I had to layer a vest on top of it to keep the cold out). But still, being able to wear a leather jacket in february is rare for a swedish gal so I’m not complaining ;)
Stay tuned for more nyfw pictures later this week! xx