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carolina engman, outfit, outfits, fashionsquadNEW DESIGN. As you might have noticed, I’m in the midst of giving Fashion Squad a small makeover and along with that comes a new feature which I’m really excited about – a look of the day gallery! It’s filled with all of my outfit posts from the past years and when you click on one of the pictures it will take you directly to that post, easy peasy! Check it out by clicking here or on “looks” in the menu above.

P.S. Thank you so, so much for all the nice comments about the new design, it means the world to me! It’s not quite done yet, but we’re getting there! :)

blue moon

carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, window, gold sweater,

carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, window, gold sweater

Pictures by Andy Torres

LAST NIGHT. Love the mood of these pictures that Andy snapped of me in the beautiful window of her hotel room last night. The view from there wasn’t too shabby either, could totally picture myself living in that hotel room!

SWEATER vintage Pierre Cardin. WAX COATED JEANS Zara. SHOES Depeche.


carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, proenza schouler ps11, sigerson morrison, bimba y lola,

Picture by Andy Torres

WEDNESDAY. My friend Andy is currently in town so right now I’m trying my best to be a good tour guide by taking her to my favorite stores + restaurants during her stay (all while shamelessly forcing her to shoot my outfit photos all over town). Tomorrow she’s heading home and I can’t believe that we wont see each other until next year, talk about serious separation anxiety!!

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green parka

carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, parka, hair, makeup,

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

WINTER. It’s starting to get pretty darn cold outside and just like last year I’ve kind of procrastinated on buying a proper winter jacket, but it’s just so hard finding one that doens’t make me look like a puff pastry. And, if I’m going to be living in it for the next couple of months, it better be one that I really like.

Last year I got through winter by wearing my fall coats and lot’s of layers underneath but this year I would love to find a nice, warm winter jacket. So guys, help me out here, if you’ve seen any awesome winter jackets, please share them in the comments below!

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