Rodebjer patchwork pants

Rodebjer pants

Photos by Mattias Swenson

Fashion week is finally over, and I say finally because man oh man has this been a chilly week. Never in my life have I experienced biting cold like this, and I’m from Sweden?! My trick to getting through these freezing couple of days has been layers and layers of cashmere and Uniqlo heat tech thermals. Well that, and Uber.

On the second day of fashion week I wore these insanely cool, cropped, patchwork culottes made from recycled workwear fabric. I love the contrast of the camel coat against the various shades of blue, but going sock less was definitely not a wise choice as the tone of my poor ankles pretty much matched my pants by the end of the day. Oh the things we do for fashion..

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Black lace

Black on black on black (via

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

NYFW. Yesterday marked the first day of NYFW and being a black cat at heart, I went with an all black outfit. The gorgeous lace booties from Jimmy Choo are one of the latest additions to my wardrobe, and I’m absolutely obsessed with them!

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andy torres and carolina engman

Me and Andy at New York Fashion Week last year!

NYFW. Sorry about the radio silence guys! Spent most of the past week super sick in bed but now I’m slowly coming back to life again. Tomorrow marks the start of New York fashion week and I’m beyond excited. My schedule is super packed with fun shows & meetings, but the thing I’m most thrilled about is to finally have all of my friends in town again, can’t wait!!