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bimba y lola coat via fashionsquad.comPicture by Mattias Swenson

NYC. This past weekend has been one of the most fun, yet exhausting ones in a really long time. We’ve managed to move into our new apartment here in New York, squeeze in two trips to Ikea, assemble all the furniture + unpack all of our luggage, and even though we’re still nowhere near done decorating the apartment, it’s already starting to feel like home. Every morning when I wake up and look out the window I have to pinch myself in the arm, just to make sure I’m not dreaming, but we’re actually, finally, living here and I couldn’t be happier!

COAT Bimba & Lola. SUNGLASSES Céline. SWEATER Dagmar (here). BAG Proenza Schouler (here). JEANS Topshop. SHOES Stuart Weitzman.

Moving to NY!

carolina engman, new york, leopard coat

Picture by Mattias Swenson

NEW YORK.  I know I’ve been neglecting the blog this past week, but I’ve been preparing for something super exciting that I’ve been dying to tell you guys about! Right now my entire life is packed in boxes and on Friday morning I will be on a plane to my new hometown, New York. Am I nervous? Absolutely, but challenging yourself is exactly what makes you grow as a person, and this is an opportunity I wouldn’t dream of missing out on.

This weekend me and Mattias will be moving into our new apartment which doesn’t have a single piece of furniture as we speak, but I’m praying that our bed arrives on time so we won’t have to spend our first night in NY on the floor. I hope you guys will understand if the updates on the blog are a bit sporadic during the first few days but I’m so, so excited to take you with me on this adventure!

LEAOPARD COAT Zara (similar one here). KNIT Wera. BEANIE American Apparel (similar one here). BAG Proenza Schouler.


carolina engman, nanette lepore, fashionsquad, coat, new york, proenza schouler ps1 medium black, stuart weitzman, studded loafers, new yorkPictures by Mattias Swenson

NYC. Whenever Mattias and I shoot pictures for the blog, we always do a bunch of goofy photos that never see the light of day, until now. Yesterday when we were shooting this amazing coat from Nanette Lepore I decided to do some jumping shots just for fun and ended up liking them so much that I decided to post them instead. Now the million dollar question is; how could it take me 7 years of blogging to discover the awesomeness of jumping photos, and how do we make it a permanent feature on the blog?!

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

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