Werelse x Mango is now available!

WERELSE.  Feels like I’ve waited months to be able to say this, but the Werelse for Mango Touch collection is finally
available on werelse.com!!

To be given the opportunity to design a collection for Mango together with Andy & Chiara has been such an amazing experience and I had to pinch myself this morning to make sure all of it wasn’t just a dream. Thank YOU guys for making this happen!!



Werelse for Mango Touch

WEDNESDAY. So sorry about the lack of updates lately! as I mentioned in my previous post we’re in the midst of renovating our new apartment so the past couple of days has been pretty hectic, but things are slowly moving forward and I’m seriously counting down the days until the move. And speaking of countdowns, in less then a month these wedges that me, Andy & Chiara designed for Mango will be out in selected stores + online, such a surreal feeling! Can’t wait until it get’s a bit warmer outside so I can start wearing them!


the storm

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

STREETS. Ended up in the middle of a minor storm while snapping these pictures last weekend and these two were the only ones where my hair wasn’t covering my entire face, hehe. I know you guys must be super sick of these boots by now, but they go so well with, well, everything! I’m the kind of person who wear things that I like until they fall apart, or, until I’m so sick of them that I feel like throwing up. But I’m far from there yet so bare with me a little longer!

Tomorrow is the first day of December and I have something really fun in store for you, but more on that tomorrow ;)

MANGO jacket. TOPSHOP sweater. ZARA pants. KURT GEIGER clutch. PENNYBLACK necklace. DIN SKO shoes.