Borrowing from the boys

pinstripe blazer

suit up

carolina engman

I love borrowing style elements from menswear and I usually find the best pieces in my husbands closet (last weekend I wore his tuxedo trousers to dinner and let’s just say there’s a chance he won’t be getting them back). This blazer, however, is actually mine and I love how it has a masculine feel but a feminine fit!

BLAZER Mango. EARRINGS Céline. TURTLENECK Vince. BAG Céline. PANTS Rodebjer. BOOTS Isabel Marant.

Catch of the week

Carolina Engman

Let me introduce you guys to the catch of the week – this coat! The combination of the oversized lapels, dropped shoulders and cinched waist provides the perfect mix of masculine & feminine and gives the coat such a cool silhouette. And the best part? It’s yours for 129 dollars. A great catch indeed!

COAT H&M. BAG Céline. JEANS J Brand


Pictures by Mattias Swenson

NYC. Oh how I miss the sight of bare ground when I’m looking at these photos! It might not have been super warm in New York but at least there where no snow on the ground, meaning more fun options when it comes to shoes. Here in Stockholm I’ve given up on any attempts of looking fashionable as it’s simply waaay to cold. Instead I’m spending my days day dreaming of spring clothes and warmer weather. Seriously tempted to leave the country for a trip somewhere really, really warm for my birthday in 2 weeks.. who wants to tag along? ;)