shades of grey

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GREY. Woke up to a very dull, cloudy day yesterday and decided to take some inspiration from the weather by putting on some of my favorite grey pieces. Normally I’d probably do the exact opposite and throw on something bright and colorful to cheer myself up, but sometimes it’s nice to just go for a really simple look.

Now, as much as I love fall, it would be sooo nice to get to see the sun for a couple of days, anyone up for a spontaneous trip to hawaii? ;)

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pictures by Mattias Swenson

WEEKEND. Ok yesterday was probably the last day of mild winter weather because today it’s absolutely freezing! Had to take my new gloves out for a spin yesterday and already love them! Decided to play around a bit with layers and textures and paired them with a cozy knit (bought it 3 sizes too big to get the perfect oversized fit) a mongolian fur vest, a cashmere beanie, simple black jeans and a patent clutch as the cherry on top! Pretty simple, but the different textures keeps it interesting. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the stores in search for a nice, warm winter jacket but I have a feeling that I’m going to fail miserably as always. Why is it so hard to find a jacket that can withstand scandinavian winters without making you look like an eskimo?