camel coat and leather pants

camel coat and leather pants via

STUPID SNOW. We’ve had some pretty mild, snow free days here in NY and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them (my ankles weren’t even a tad bit cold when we shot these pictures the other day!). I had just started getting my hopes up that winter would magically take a rain check and re-appear next year, but sadly that does not appear to be the case. When I opened up my blinds this morning, the damn snow was pouring down. Crap! Yes, it makes the city look really pretty, but it ruins all the fun (when I show you guys my latest purchase, you will understand my frustration..)

P.S. Will be uploading some new things on my sale shop today as my new purchase left a gigantic hole in my wallet, stay tuned!

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rainy days

FRIDAY. We had a wild xmas party at the office last night and when I woke up this morning and the rain was pouring down, dressing up was the last thing on my mind, but at least I have a very fancy umbrella, hehe ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

TOPSHOP coat, WEEKDAY sweater (boyfriends), ZARA jeans, CONVERSE sneakers, ZARA shawl. MOMA umbrella.