sweet dreams

carolina engman's new york apartment

Picture by Carolina Engman

HOME. One thing I’ll never, ever get tired of is waking up to this view. Watching the sun slowly rise over the sky high buildings in the morning is pure magic. The gorgeous bedding was an early Christmas present that arrived the other day and let’s just say I don’t plan on getting out of bed at all today, so cozy!

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BEDDING Gant Home.

sweet dreams


BEDROOM. Besides fashion, interior design is one of my biggest passions and right now I’m in the midst of planning a redecoration of our bedroom (the results of being sick for a couple of days I guess, hehe). As you might have seen, we have this amazing floral wallpaper that I wouldn’t dream of removing, but small updates like changing the bedding, nightstands, bedlamps and adding some new accessories can make a huge difference as well. I’ll try to post some before/after pictures when I’m done, in the meantime, some inspiration:

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