neon orange

carolina engman, fashionsquad, dagmar neon sweater, celine audrey sunglasses, H&M ringsPictures by Mattias Swenson

ORANGE. Let me introduce you guys to my two latest obsessions; simple, stackable rings and this bright orange sweater from Dagmar. I have so many summery looks in mind for this thin, knitted masterpiece once mr winter finally lets us out of his cold grip, but until then, I give you this set of pictures we snapped during our weekend at Scandic Grand Central, love the futuristic feel!

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Andemiu trench coat

carolina engman, andemiu trench coat, proenza schouler ps1 medium, asos beanie, fashionsquad, new york, nyfw

Pictures, Mattias Swenson

NYC. Finally got my hands on this awesome, flared trench coat I wore during the photo shoot of Andemiu’s s/s 13 campaign back in december. It’s one of those classic pieces that looks good with anything and I love how timeless it is!

Today it’s been raining non stop for the past couple of hours and I’ve been stuck inside drinking tea and editing pictures from my touristy weekend adventures with Nicole all day long. We got some pretty awesome pictures on the Brooklyn bridge that I can’t wait to show you guys, but until then, you can check out some sneak peeks on my instagram @carolinaengman.

P.S. for those of you who are in Japan right now, Andemiu is opening their first store this week so if you want to stop by, head over to their website for more information!

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shades of grey

carolina engman, fashionsquad, asos coat, striped sweater, cos, botkier, proenza schouler ps11 black, goldsign jeans, everyday outfit

GREY. Woke up to a very dull, cloudy day yesterday and decided to take some inspiration from the weather by putting on some of my favorite grey pieces. Normally I’d probably do the exact opposite and throw on something bright and colorful to cheer myself up, but sometimes it’s nice to just go for a really simple look.

Now, as much as I love fall, it would be sooo nice to get to see the sun for a couple of days, anyone up for a spontaneous trip to hawaii? ;)

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peplum jacket

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

PEPLUM. As much as I love colorful looks, a simple black and white outfit never fails! This peplum jacket was one of the pieces I chose for the “How to wear peplums” guide I did for Asos and I’ve already been getting so much wear out of it. It’s super easy to style and looks good with pretty much anything, perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and have “nothing to wear”!