Emotional Roller Coaster


Pictures, me. From earlier this year when I first discovered these beauties.

Talk about emotional roller coaster today. Sales are bad for your health, trust me.


08:40 Enters NK’s annual summer sale, find Minimarket’s zipper boots on sale, 50 % off! mood: super excited.

10:00 – Drops by Acne, find the shoes that has kept me sleepless for the last couple of months, (the box shoes).
mood: if possible, even more excited.

10:01 – they’re on sale for half of the original price. Jumps up and down of joy, only to find out that they only have them in sizes 37 and 40 (I’m a 38/39). mood: depressed

10:02 – Runs to the nearest shoe store in a desperate attempt to find an extra pair of soles to make the damn shoes fit better. mood: hopeful.

10:05 – Returns to the Acne Store. They’re still too big. In fact, way too big. mood: semi-hysterical

10:07 – Runs back to the shoe store to find heel grips. mood: completely hysterical

10:10 – Comes back to the Acne store, put in the heel grips, close my eyes and jump in the shoes and… they’re.still.too.big. Calls boyfriend hoping for: a pep talk to buy them anyway, gets: unwanted words of wisdom. (aka. Don’t buy them, are you insane?!). Try to shove my feet into the size 37 pair in a last desperate attempt – mission impossible. Leaves the store with death wish. mood: suicidal

11:30 – Stops by Zara for some comfort shopping. finds a beautiful blouse(50% off), an awesome pair of heels and a pair of basic black denim shorts. mood: actually kind of happy.

16:00 – stumbles home completely exhausted. Realize I have forgotten to eat. Grabs a chocolate bar and some orange juice. Zones out in front of the computer. Torture myself for a couple of hours by looking at pictures of Acne’s box shoes and various happy owners. mood: dead

19:00 – Comes to life again, gently unwrap the Minimarket zipper boots, cuddle with them for a while and realize life is actually pretty good, even though I didn’t get the Acne boots. Mood: Happy, almost satisfied.

19:02 – discovers a giant rip inside one of the Minimarket shoes (not a scratch, actually a hole) and now,
I kinda feel suicidal again.