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SUSAN. I’ve been in love with the Chloé Susan boots since I first layed my eyes on them and while I was looking through some press images for Scoretts fall 09 collection, I found these hot look-a-likes. Not as awesome as the original ones, but I will defintely check them out!

19 thoughts on “Susan

  1. Chloé’s will always be better but I mean, Erin’s chloes has been worn a lot, I think the copies will look much better when they get that “used” look if you know what I mean? cause now they look too new, they need that ruff edge

  2. herregud jag måste ha scorettstövlarna! vet du hur mycket de kostar+när de börjar säljas???

  3. Jag älskar mina look-a-likes. sköna som moln och snygga på sitt mänskliga vis, mot chloé-bootsens omänskliga.

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