SUNNY. Picked up this awesome slouchy hat at Zara last week. Love the random patterns the sun makes when shining through it!
Will post the rest of the outfit tomorrow, now, bed time! Sweet dreams!

95 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Glamorous. I cannot wait until I can whip out my similar floppy hat, in nude. Come more sun….

  2. I want a floppy hat now :).
    Ps. I really love your make-up!
    It’s quite beautiful, may I ask what colour/brand it is?

  3. Ill be selling massive sunhats like this at my store soon….if you ladies can wait a mth for it (;

    **btw I have a BRASHYxMONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY (Blog Entry #62) on at the moment so do pop by to see if you win an awesome tee**


  4. You look very beautiful :)
    I’ve seen you at Glamour (or Elle, I don’t remember) Spain. If you have seen it already I’ll not send it to you, but if you want it, tell me :)
    I’ll give you my e-mail adress…

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