sunflower dress


Dress, Beyond Retro. Socks, H&M. Shoes, Scorett.

NEW. This gorgeous sunflower dress instantly put a smile on my face when I found it at Beyond Retro last week.
It adds a nice colorful touch to my dark winter wardrobe, no?

68 thoughts on “sunflower dress

  1. I used to have a dress like that in high school. this photo kinda made me miss it. love the way you’ve balanced it with the dark bottom half.

  2. Hi, I would love to know what makeup you’re wearing, i’d love it if you could make a post about it?

  3. love the dress, you look amazing, the thigh highs are super sexy!! great look, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  4. This is so cute, I have seen it in three different places today, facebook, lookbook and now here, I think its engraved into my brain… I like it!

    Ps, cute sister pic below, i miss my sister, I hope she comes back from New Zealand soon, so we can do nice photos like that

  5. absolutely amazing dress, i needed made me smile when i saw these photo’s! you’re combining it beautiful with the over-knee socks!

  6. so cute! i love the colors!! oooh and the shoes!

  7. OMG… I LOVE this, how anyone can pull off floral so well is beyond me. It is quite beautiful.

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