ORANGE. This past weekend has been devoted to one of the biggest (and most well-needed) closet clean outs in my entire life. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to part from all these clothes but it’s surprisingly liberating to get rid of the old and make room for new things. For example, this Monki sweater I picked up last week. Can’t get over how insanely bright it is, looks amazing paired with pretty much anything! So looking forward to the weather heating up a bit, can think of a million ways of wearing this sweater that all involves bare legs. Sooooooon…







Urban Outfitters Blanket Shawl. Monki Sweater. H&M Pants. American Apparel Bag. Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses. Jessica Simpson Shoes & Bracelet from Hérmes.

134 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. oh please, tell us how do you care about your haur? which cosmetics do you use?


  2. I think your hair has reached the perfect length. I can’t believe you wore blue socks with this ensemble and made it look so good! Pink nails also look great with your orange sweater.

    Please please share which brand/color lipstick you’re wearing here, it’s such a beautiful shade.

  3. OMG!! you look stunning! :D those colors look so great on you :) and I really want to know where do you bought Jessica Simpson’s shoes!! …

    regards! :D

  4. you look gorgeous that sweater is sort of incredible. that color, wow.

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  5. You can always surprise me with your amazing outfits! Love the purple socks’ detail and the contrast with the orange sweater. <3

  6. You look gorgeous! Those pants are just perfect and I adore your shoes. They match heavenly :D Great orange sweater too :D

  7. looking stunning as always.
    lilac socks, rosy nailpolish, the accessories and the bright sweater – it’s all just perfectly put!


  8. love love love it!!! the purple socks are just so so so so so so in!!!


    Carmen from

  9. So gorgeous with that pop of orange! and I also loved you purple socks, an unexpected but pretty color combination!

  10. Impeccable, a total 70’s look with some incredible accessories. The sandals are stylish and looks very comfortable. The ring is superior.

  11. You are definitely rocking that orange! Its also my favorite color for the season, something about it just lifts my overall mood. Beautiful styling!

  12. Omgh I love this outfit!!! You are effortless!! I also love your blog… all I can say is wowwwww.. great look and you definitely have a key sense of style.. Now following
    xoxo asiahlynn

  13. The leopard cape drapes beautifully with the burst of orange; and the bright blue brings out the rich camel tones.
    So much going on in this well put together outfit, yet it doesn’t “scream”.
    Love how you blend the pop colors and details together so well to create an overall subtle look.

  14. Love the shoes! I would’ve gotten them if I had a more fashionable life around me. They are too impracticle/silly to wear where I live :( The Zara wedges you bought on the other hand I will wear! I bought them too. I need to see you wear them for inspiration! Unless you returned them..

  15. LOVE THIS LOOK! i have seen quite a few peopl with this shawl and have been GREEN with envy! xxx

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