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SUNDAYS. Wore this outfit to a barbecue party at my parents house this past sunday when we celebrated my mom’s birthday.
My sister thought the pants looked like they belonged in an ancient ABBA video, something I obviously took as a huge compliment (eventhough I’m not entirely sure that was what she intended it to be). Personally, I was mostly super stoked to _almost_ be barelegged in April without freezing my butt off! Details on what I’m wearing are in the end of the post.




Zara hat. Shampalove lace flares. Urban Outfitters Shawl. Zara sweater. Jessica Simpson shoes. Vintage navajo bag.

114 thoughts on “sunday sun

  1. Your sisters comment can only be a compliment seeing as 70s style is so on trend at the moment. I’m in love with your hat and shoes as well.

  2. Those flares look so cool! This is kind of random, but I was recently having a Swedish brunch in London at a place in Brick Lane and all of the cocktails were named after Abba songs…it was pretty awesome, actually!

  3. You look much more beautiful without a red lipstick, it’s more natural. I’m not saying that you don’t look good with red lipstick, of course you do. But without it you seem more accessible and more you :D

    But I like everything you do!
    Have a great evening,

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing! you are tres beaut but I have to ask, how do you manage to walk in those heels?! I envy you greatly, my height is somewhat limited and the only thing that can help me are heels but I fall over. A lot. *sigh*

    You look amazing, hat-need in life!

  5. those pants/your whole outfit is incredibly bad ass. I’d take abba video pants to the highest degree of complimentary form. I love it when people make a comment about my outfit that is not by any means a compliment (i.e. you look like a hobo or a bum) & I always take it as such a huge compliment. x

    liked & liked baby cakes. I’ve gotta agree with you here though on your choice, I’m in love with the chunky cable sweater

  6. Loving the outfit and those shoes… I neeeeeed! :) I looked for them online and couldn’t find them. Any suggestions?? xoxo

  7. Beautiful as always! The pants are cooler than cool. What lipstick are you wearing? You should just list them, you’ll get asked anyway :)

  8. You look so awesome with nude lips. You favor red/pink I know, but WOW, your face looks so sofisticated/sexy/soft with nude lips. Everything else is beautiful as always!

  9. The only thing is I wish the pants were longer, just a little too short :(

  10. I love the striped top and again the amazing heels,but I don’t rlly like the lace pants…anyway the outfit looks fashionable

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