sunday sun


SUNDAY. Two weeks ago I wanted nothing else than to stay at home and watch movies in my couch, now I have this insane yearning to travel again. Preferably somewhere sunny where I don’t have to wear a jacket.. come on summer, I need you!




JNBY Jacket. Bird waistcoat. H&M Silver Sweater .American Apparel pants. Zara Shoes.
Cambridge Satchel Company bag. Old H&M sunnies.

123 thoughts on “sunday sun

  1. The color of the bag is so amazing!! And what I really like is the way your photos, walking, are always made. Like you are secretly captured… love it!

    xo thefashionguitar

  2. i would wear this outfit exactly like this! you look stunning, carolina. and your new bag was a great investment.

    love, la tiquismiquis

  3. Wonderful Outfit! Love it!
    Is the silver pullover from H&M – Trend or from the ‘normal’ collection?



  4. LOVE this outfit, especially the pants with the shoes. And of course, the pop of color your bag brings is amazing!

  5. hey carolina , how did you become a fashion writer ?
    can you tell a little abt that?

  6. Love your entire look, especially your coat and sweater. My friend has that bag and it is beautiful.


  7. Another amazing outfit. I love your nude choices, the sparkly sweater, the glam jacket and than that beautiful green satchel in order to make the outfit pop! I love the shoes, beautiful heel and colour!

  8. Hi, love your satchel, can u tell me witch colour is it? fluorescent green or the classic one?

  9. The satchel is it…matches wth almost all the outfits!

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