Sunday sun







Jacket, LF. Striped top, Indiska. Leather skirt, Zara. Boots, Minimarket. Sunnies, Karen Walker. Bag, Pendleton.

SUNNY. This awesome army jacket is the latest addition to my humble collection of khaki that has gone from non-existing to three pieces in a couple of weeks. Wore this to brunch at my favorite East Village spot, Arlo & Esme, on Sunday. If you’re ever around, you need to try their cinnamon chai latte, it’s like christmas in a cup!

84 thoughts on “Sunday sun

  1. Love the outfit. I have been looking everywhere for that leather skirt from Zara. If anyone could help me get my hands on that skirt I would love them!!!!

  2. i LOVE it. it’s such a mishmash of clothes and yet it all works so well. i would never think if just slinging on this on together but you do it so beautifully.

  3. you look a-m-a-zing!!


  4. i love this. army style is so in and i like how u put it with the aztec bag. PERFECTION!

  5. That skirt is amazing girl!
    The photo’s with pink stuff (don’t know what it is) are really beautiful. Photographic really good you know?! They would fit in a glamour magazine!

  6. This outfit is sick. I love that skirt paired with the tights. Also your make-up is flawless. That lipstick is so pretty!

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