H&M hat, top & pants. Vintage bag & Michael Kors watch.

FRIDAY. Right now I’m supposed to be packing for New York fashion week but I got sick of it and decided to just throw a bunch of stuff in my suit case. If nothing works, at least I get to do some shopping when I arrive in NYC ;)

Speaking of shopping, I got these wide legged pants on sale for $15 at H&M the other day. They’re about one size too big, but it gives them that perfect relaxed fit that I love. Can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can wear this outfit without a big ass jacket!

107 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Two questions: is this top already in shops? how much did you pay? i adore it, it’s a great piece! Okay, one more question, about nail polish (as somebody above me) – where is it from?? :D

  2. Beautiful outfit, I probably would never wear those pants, but they look great on you.
    Also I love your nail polish.

    See you!

  3. I love the black face on your watch – a nice contrast with the gold. Mine has sort-of a champagne face, but this look is much more striking ;)

  4. Why are you able to find only the best stuff from H&M? I am never so lucky when I get there. Anyway love how you matched everything and I’m so envious of you by finding the perfect red lip.

  5. hi Carolin- first of all congrats on the japan billboard- totally amazing! Love the outfit- the wide leg trousers, the muted tones and the 70’s feel- STUNNING! Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  6. You are really gorgeous! I love this style!
    You know, a friend of mine, Charlotte, looks a lot like you(: Everybody says so. ^^

  7. fattar inte hur jag inte kunnat lägga märke till dig innan! hittade din på lookbook och du är verkligen min nya favorit bloggerska. Du har stil! kram

  8. You look like Taylor Swift in the second picture.. But like a much better version of her

  9. I saw this top at H&M right after I saw you- this, and the zara coat and dress were all in my dressing room!

    Zara had some cobalt blue pants that reminded me of the Jil Sander ones I talked to you about.

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