31 thoughts on “summertime

  1. She looks so cute, and quite content with that warm weather! Jealous ;)



  2. So funny how as soon as I looked at this shot, I thought of sweet winter instead of summer! lol, must’ve been the soft look on the model’s face. But this is such a stunning image. Love the angle of the camera, love the makeup, love the styling.

    Can’t wait for summer too! Gotta love the sun.


  3. those lashes……..

  4. Hej,
    Jag undrar hur du sminkar dina ögonbryn och får till dom så bra? Jättesnygga!

  5. this is TOTALLY gorgeous! the hair, the eyelashes, the blouse… this is one of the best styles and shoot images i’ve seen in a while. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Summer without being clicheed and boho. Love it. Where’d you find the scans?
    Love your blog, just found it today. I like your style.


  7. she is like sugar or snow. it’s so dangerous to walk at hot day))) ??? ?? ??? ??????? ???????

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