Summer sun


SUNNY. I’m loving the amazing weather we’ve been enjoying in Stockholm these past couple of days. Living in a country that is dark 50% of the year really makes you appreciate sunshine on a whole other level. Found this almond colored AA skirt in the depths of my closet and decided to pair it with a pink blouse, snake print clutch and chunky platforms for a romantic seventies inspired look. Ended the day with a picnic in the sunset, if only every day could be a bit more like this ;)








American Apparel skirt. COS blouse. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Michael Kors watch. Pucci sunnies. Jessica Simpson platforms .

140 thoughts on “Summer sun

  1. this look is pure lust.
    lovelovelove the details like watch with the purse.

  2. Looks amazing! That skirt is just beautiful
    and I’m falling in love with the JS Dany’s all over again ..


  3. Great pictures, I love pleated skirts and this one in particular is beaut. Love the watch! WANT! xxx

  4. love this outfit on so many levels. the pleats on both the skirt and the purse. the metallics in both as well, the nudes, those sunnies, those shoes, head to toe: it’s perfect!

    january, x

  5. !what a glowing presence! :)

    i love the outfit! rebecca minkoff bag + sunnies = <3

  6. I really love the movement of your skirt!
    The photos are lovely. and your blouse, sunnies and skirt are great!

  7. Spring and summer in Stockholm is unbelievable! I know what you mean about enjoying the sunlight when you have just been through a Swedish fall/winter. Great outfit! Super Styling!

  8. hi love!
    i love your watch.
    I want it!!!!
    amazing blog.
    I follow here and on Lookbook you’re my best
    i hope u check out my blog.It would means a lot for me

  9. I have been looking forward to this post since yesterday evening when you posted that detail shot of your bag + watch, and you surprised me again! I expected something good, but this is just perfect!
    Love, Laura

  10. oh wow carolina!! you really captured a feeling in these pictures! the outfit + your poses plus the lighting actually gave me that feeling in my stomach when you look at something amazing :) I am head over heels in LOVE with the 5th and 6th pictures, but i think it’s the 6th picture that really did me in :) xx

  11. Where oh where did you find your watch?? I have been hunting for a black dial gold MK watch for AGES! Yours is exactly what I have been searching for! So gorgeous!

  12. Oh my… You look so fabulous! I’m in love with Your site!!! I’m Your great fan, all time ever and after:P Now I can finnaly follow You, caouse I’ve made google profile. I’ll also die for this bag!!!



  13. Stunning outfit and lovely colours!! I found your pages today through Marie Claire 2011 June-issue (Flemish/Belgian edition).
    Best greetings, Marjolijn

  14. The heels are so fabulous.The entire combination looks stylish….!!!

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