summer rain


RED. The weather in Sweden is insanely unpredictable and you never know what to expect when you wake up. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs pretty much the entire day and when we finally saw a glimpse of sunshine we ran out to snap these pictures. Little did we know that we would end up in the middle of a thunderstorm! Small sacrifices you make for getting the perfect picture, right? ;) Too bad it was cloudy outside, a lightning could have been a pretty interesting backdrop!
And what about today? Blue skies and sunshine, for now at least!









Vintage Silk Shirt. Flying A pants. Zara Heels. Cambridge Satchel. Pennyblack Necklace. H&M sunnies. Hermés Bracelet. Queens Wardrobe Trenchcoat.

133 thoughts on “summer rain

  1. You look beyond amazing. This look has to be one of my favorites of yours lately.

    Hope your week becomes sunnier! xo

  2. wow! I never would have thought of combining all those colors together but it toatlly works for you, you look great

  3. you look gorgeous! i love how you combine red and blue… maybe you could have left the bag, because i think the two colours are enough together

  4. You look so pretty, I adooooore the colors! Oh and I didn’t know you’re from Sweden! It’s totally irrelevant, but I think that Sweden should have won in Eurovision this year! Eric Saade is sooo hooot!!! I’ve been listening his songs non-stop! Yeah, whatever :P You have an amazing blog and you deserve the best :) Hope you find it :)

  5. I love the colour blocking and the fact you didn’t use the usual neon brights. I have to say I think I prefer the cloudy dark sky as it looks so much more moody and makes the bright colours of our bag and outfit stand out so much more.

    Adore the outfit too!!!!


  6. Really nice outfit, I also love the surroundings in the photos!

  7. Love colour blocking. Great outfit especially that silk shirt! Aren’t vintage finds just so great!

    Bisous, nana

  8. Oh my gosh!
    This is really a great outfit! LOVE LOVE LOVE the mix of these colours. Amazing!

  9. It is actually a really cool ‘effect’ to the pictures that there is no-one in the streets.
    And the light in the pictures is awesome, you can feel/see that the storm is coming.

    I really like your trousers!

    Keep up the good work


  10. I really like the slender detail of the heel paired with the boldness of the red. Although I like the bag I am not sure I like it all together. Otherwise you look so pretty and sophisticated.


  11. Red is defenitelity your color. I LOVE this pants, it suits you like no other. Not to mention those heels and access.. Really, it’s a beautiful look.

  12. Stunning!! Thank you for taking the chance to go outside to take these pictures for us, you look amazing. I LOVED all the colors together, great combination! Those pants are just unbelievable!

  13. I love the bursts of colors and the cambridge satchel is at the top of my shopping list. Great post!!

  14. these pants don’d really look good on you.but nice outfit anyway:)

  15. Awesome colour blocking, it’s so easy to get it wrong, on some people it looks so “try-hard” like Cheryl Cole for x-factor USA, she looked trerrible. you look BEAUT!! X

  16. Men gud vad kul jag såg dig när ni fotade dem där bilderna på essingen! :D
    haha undrade jätte mycket vilken mode-bloggare det var och blev så glad när jag hittade hit!

  17. OHhhh…love the combination…so chic.I really really like the red jeans..veri stylish.

  18. Me encanta este bolso, yo tb he caído con el rosa flúor!!!!
    Hoy he puesto una entrada con él
    Besooss y gracias por tus looks, es genial!!!!

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