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SUMMER NIGHTS. Say what you want about our cold, dark, never ending winters, but you simply can’t beat Swedish summer! These long, warm, bright days that never seem to turn into night is what makes me survive the long cold winters. The fact that summer is only here for such a short time makes it even more special.

Last night was one of those magical Swedish summer nights when the sun doesn’t want to go to bed, so I decided to throw on one of my most treasured dresses by swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt. I managed to snag one of the last pieces over at 30 Cancan (who by the way have a great selection of Swedish designers), and it’s everything I hoped for and more. You can’t really see the delicate detailing on these pictures, but close up it’s breathtakingly beautiful!
Ok, enough of the Swedish propaganda, I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves ;)








Ida Sjöstedt lace dress. Jessica Simpson platforms. Botkier bag. Pucci Sunnies.

125 thoughts on “summer nights

  1. Everything, the shoes, the dress, the hair and the sunglasses, they go all together so well like a perfect puzzle piece.

  2. During nights like these you wish you didn’t have to sleep for a week)) Loved the Swedish propaganda part! I might go to Sweden this month, so it was a very interesting to read.
    And it’s a beautiful dress, so delicate.

    Tali for Fetishist’s Notes

  3. I went to Stockholm some summers ago and I was soooo fascinated by everything! def wanna go back there as soon as possible!

  4. var i stockholm bor du? då menar jag inte att jag vill veta din adress utan mer vilket område : )

  5. håller med. just att det är så kallt o regnigt/snöigt så mycket gör att man verkligen njuter när solen och värmen är här!
    underbar GIF!

  6. Love, love, love lace. I love to combine romantic lacy dresses or shirts with leather jackets or tough jeans and boots!

  7. I love the dress! And by the way, have you ever been to Spain? You shuold try our summers too! You’d love them! =)

  8. Dandelions have always been my favourite flower, this pic is so lovely!! :) And that dress is absolutely beautiful, you look great!

  9. The Cherry Blossom Girl just posted on her blog the same outfit: same dress and shoes!

  10. this dress is true lace perfection.
    i’m seriously lovestruck!

  11. You are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Love this look so so much and the first moving pic is awesome!

  12. Just stumbled across your blog! Love the pictures, you look beautiful and the lighting is perfect! Of course, my favorite is the first moving picture. I look forward to continuing to follow your posts.

    Grace – Wrinkled Chiffon

  13. Love this outfit! You should check out the cherry blossom girl she has just the same outfit on :) funny!! Love those shoes and that lace dress

  14. If I have the chance to visit sweden, I’ll remember to make it a point to go in summer! Your dress is so pretty, loving the lace details!!

  15. Not only does The Cherry Blossom Girl wear the same dress, she wears the SAME SHOES with it. Freaky…

  16. lovely pix! I love your blog! and I agree on your opinion about swedish summers. they’re great :)

  17. I am in LOVE with lace dresses recently , I just bought one very similar to yours some days ago and I wore it last night <3 ! I like the way you matched it with those heels and black bag .
    Have a nice day , here it is cold too so don't feel bad about it :)

  18. Your shoe collection amazes me, as does your blog! I made sure to remain an up to date follower by adding you on my “TopSites”… Next to you is – – and to my surprise I found the exact same outfit (including shoes)! I guess this look is a targeted MUST! xx

  19. I def could not pull off those sunglasses but you do perfectly!!


  20. That dress is truly incredible, it really is beautiful! I like your shoes as well they look so nice! Everyone seems to always manage to wear high heels all the time yet I never do, hehe! But the dress is definitely beautiful I’m so keeping my eye out for more stuff by her!

  21. wow this comment isnt even anything to do with the clothes that first moving image is just so beautiful. like so so nice and beautiful

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