36 thoughts on “Stylestalker

  1. Awesome dresses!! My favourite is the one in the bottom right .. or the white body con one. and the one under it, and next to it. hahahah :)

  2. Den vita wrappade var otroligt snygg! Tycker nummer fem på övre raden känns väldigt “Carolina” :)

  3. this is amazing… I loved it as soon as I first saw it too… specially the shoes! and I’m way obsessed with neon colors.. I love how they incorporated them in the collection…
    I like your blog, stay cool

  4. i like some pieces but i think the concept of the entire collection is not clear. i like the back of the first dress in the down column. Nice prints.

  5. WOW! What a collection!
    The tie dye, cut outs and fabric choices remind me a lot of LEYENDECKER.

    So brilliant!

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