Shirt, vintage. Jeans, Gina Tricot. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Hat, Zara. Cross, vintage from Miami.

RED. Been wearing this vintage shirt a lot lately, love the mismatched patterns!

93 thoughts on “stripes/dots

  1. Very cool outfit…. Channeling that quirky eighties style very well… Also love the way your boots and leggings look connected…. very cool indeed… loverly blog x

  2. i’m in love with your boots! amazing where are they from?
    xoxo vi

  3. You need to wear some different shoes! Mix it up a bit. I love you blog and outfits but those shoes were so over once they reproduced them. Also, I love your hair!

  4. Rara: Honestly I couldn’t care less if they are “so over”, I like them and I will continue to wear them until I get tired of them! :)

  5. i love that shirt and you look gorgeous in these pics!

  6. The top looks amazing. I love the combinations of the stripes and dots. Very vibrant color too!

  7. this is a stunning look, every piece is perfect! i’m in love with the shirt…i’ve always loved oversized shirts and this is taking it to the next level.


  8. I’ve been searching for that kind of hat for so long, would love to get myself one!
    and your hair look perfect, beautiful :)

  9. Love, love, loving it!! Can’t get enough of these shoes and am totally into stripes and dots… so this shirt is perfection

  10. geret blog :D


  11. This outfit has to be my favourite of the whole week, your top is amazingly kooky and the whole outfit is quirky!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  12. Amazing look! I deduce you like ankle boots wit a rock touch, so I recommend you that visit It’s a Spanish online shop with the colleción of the Spanish designer Paco Gil. There’s a pair of black ankle boots of this style… marvellous!!

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