NEW YORK. Got home from NY a couple of days ago, had so much fun! to sum up:
Went to a lot of meetings, hung out with Danny and his brother David, missed the shows I was supposed to go to, met a lot of awesome people at Chictopia10 & the Independent fashion bloggers event and did an amazing photoshoot with Krystal (so excited to see the pictures!)

Somehow managed to spend all my money (even though I feel like I didn’t buy anything), so I’ll probably have to live on noodles for the next couple of days, totally worth it though, definitely need to go back there really soon!

65 thoughts on “streets/sunshine

  1. beautiful photo’s and so good to hear you had such an amazing time there! and I think that the little red nose looks so cute on you, also love your new bangs! and I’m looking forward to see more of your photoshoot.

  2. these are the most beautiful pictures carolina! so glad to hear that you had an amazing time in NYC! was it your first time?

  3. å vad fina bilder. speciellt den på dig och krystal var ju helt underbart vacker.
    hoppas du hadde det alldeles underbart där.

  4. awe I miss you and Mattias already!
    come visit out to california!
    it was so much fun hanging out,
    and “Long Live Treehouses”!

  5. With the risk of being repetetive: Amazing pics. May I ask what camera you are using? I need to buy myself a new one..

  6. Complaining about spending all of your money? I don’t think so! Moving into a new apartment while being a millionaire (newly minted) and DATING a friggin’ MILLIONAIRE??!?!?! And you want my sympathy? OR me to BELIEVE that YOU actually EAT NOODLES?>???!!! NO WAY JOSE! You’re FA KE.

  7. Japke: Thanks darling!

    caylee: Thank you so much! Yes it was my first time, but definitely not my last ;)

    Danny Roberts: We miss you too!!

    S: these pictures where taken with my old camera because I didn’t want to bring my new one, its a Canon 350d :)

    CAUSE IM A JERK: This is probably one of the funniest comments I have ever received. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m nowhere near being a millionaire. I could barely afford the rent this month! You can keep your sympathy, you need it better than I do. And btw, I love noodles!

  8. Jag var också på IFB konferansen! Träffade så mycket inspirerande människor där, men visste inte att det fanns fler svenska bloggare där!! Synd! Fin blogg du har.

  9. hello! i just discovered your blog a few days ago but i just wanted to say i love your style and your photos! you also have really awesome shoes…jealous :P i loved the 3rd picture…the colours are so pretty! i was just wondering if you had to adjust (colours, contrast) of the pictures on photoshop?

  10. OMG! These pictures makes me wanne be in N.Y! Very interesting pictures!

  11. beautiful pics!!
    may i know which camera u r using to take those pictures?
    im fascinated by them!:)

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