26 thoughts on “streets

  1. These photos are SO PERFECT. Strangely enough, they remind me very little of Barcelona. This is a perfect example of how much our perception of a city can differ from the city itself. Beautiful.

  2. Wow, your pictures are amazing. Now I really want to go to Barcelona =P Love the detail shots.

    You and your boyfriend are such a stylish couple.. I just can’t get over it! haha.

    And where is you beautiful blouse from? I love it!

  3. Really great photos! Barcelona looks lovely and so do you and the boy :)

  4. Billederne foran de flotte mallerri minder mig om filmen “Vicky Christina Barcelona” hvor Penelope Cruz står foran of ryger :)

  5. the cathedral is santa maria del mar, right? it’s my favourite one!

  6. you’re so lucky you got to travel to a beautiful city that i will probably only ever see through pictures (these are amazing, by the way!)

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