streets of Tokyo


FNO. Just a quick snap of what I was wearing for Fashions night out here in Tokyo! Had an _amazing_ time!! Huge thanks to Vogue Japan for inviting me, and also to all my sweet readers that I met yesterday!! I have a massive amount of pictures from last night to show you guys but right now me and Chiara are going out to explore Tokyo a bit so stay tuned!

H&M leather vest. TOPSHOP striped top. NOWHERE dress. ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON sunglasses. PENNYBLACK necklace. REBECCA MINKOFF bag.


106 thoughts on “streets of Tokyo

  1. Love your outfit as usual! You were so sweet to us, readers yesterday!! Thanks a lot again and have a greattime in Tokyo!!:D

  2. I saw Dangan Traveler yesterday night and you were absolutely cute!
    Hope you’ll have a big fun in Tokyo!

  3. ♥♥♥♥♥Hello Ms.C♥♥♥♥♥

    I feel jearous of girls who met u yesterday!!!haha
    I wanted to meet you in Tokio,so I don’t wanna say bye:(

    Come to japan again!

    I’m looking forward to see u in vogue♥

    Looooooooove so much to u!


  4. I watched Dangan Friday night! :D (it aired Friday at midnght in Tokyo)

    I found a Chinese streaming site that posted it today, but I am not sure if I can post the link here (since it’s not an “official” stream, I guess…)

    It was fun to watch and you make a lovely couple!

  5. Hello!
    I went to FNO,too…
    I took a pic with you at Giorgio Armani…
    Thank you so much…
    And You praised my headdress…
    I’m very happy…
    i want yo meet you,again…

    thank you…

  6. You look fantastic dear, sooooo pretty and cool! I love your yellow/black top and your characteristic sunnies :)

  7. I saw you at Sekai Dangan!
    You r soooo cute ‘n’ beutiful!

    I love your look when I saw you in VOGUEjapan!
    Your fashion is stylish.

  8. hey girl!
    i just watched a tv-show about shopping around Stockholm with cute Japanese girl Ena!! you both looked amazing and it was really really nice!i loved it!hope you can come back to Japan sometime soon and good luck!!!!
    love xxx

  9. You look GORGEOUS. This is so particular, and this yellow top represent you so much !!! I love the way you dress everyday!


  10. Hi, sweetie, I am dying to see other loads of photos from Tokyo!!! Don’t make us wait too long!!! :) Looks like the sunglasseis has become a part of your body which would never leave your side!!!

  11. hello :) I’m Japanese girl. Last weekend I watched u on TV. SEKAI DANNGANN traveler. ur so beautiful<3 Welcome Japan! I really want to meet you. tahnk you.xx

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