streets of new york





Pictures by Dan Carlberg & Mattias Swenson

NYC. Just a bunch of random pictures from my first month in New York.
Time flies when you’re having fun and in 2 weeks, I’m going home to Stockholm!

68 thoughts on “streets of new york

  1. New York and Stockholm? Oh you fashion bloggers make me so jealous. I wish I had those opportunities and I hope someday I will.

  2. I adore the first photo. It’s such a sweet, candid moment and you’ve got a pretty smile :)
    My fave outfit has to be the second photo!! And I love your bag in the last one :)

  3. I love youre pictures!!

    Where does your cardigan from the first picture come from? Is’s sooooo pretty!

  4. such cool shots, love the motion captured in the background of the first 3! Great outfits as always beauty- Im sure you are excited to return the sweden?Katie.xx

  5. New York, New York. It stole my heart a while back and now I cant get it back. I love your outfits. The second picture and outfit is my favorite.

  6. I want to travel to NYC! The photos look great and you look outstanding. :)
    It’s such a good vibe!

  7. OMG dear, I cant believe how quickly time went! I remember sitting at that restaurant in Stockholm during FW, when you guys where talking about moving to NY and now you are coming back…time is literally flying!


  8. i LOOVVVE the last pic :)
    You always look very suprise, that cute :)
    Well, have a safe fly & enjoy :)

    xoxo, Céline

  9. You look lovely in each and every picture!
    Hope to be in NY one day :) enjoy your time there


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