streets of milan








Coat from Queens Wardrobe. Shirt from American Apparel. Zara pants. Pennyblack Shoes. Céline Bag.
Karen Waker Sunglasses. Pictures by Mattias Swenson.

MILAN. Mattias snapped these pictures of me this past sunday in Milan where the weather was amazing. It kind of feels like I’ve been playing hide & seek with spring these past two months while traveling to Florence, LA, Amsterdam, New York and Milan (phew!) and it’s always equally depressing when I get back to Sweden and have to put all the beautiful summer clothes & shoes in the back of my closet. But eventually, spring will find it’s way here too! Until then I have some more traveling to do. Next up, Paris on Friday, where I will be celebrating my birthday + doing some interviews/meetings. Super excited to go back to one of my absolute favorite cities again!


96 thoughts on “streets of milan

  1. Aw WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! You look waaaaaayyy beyond stunning! I’m sure I could find these photos in Vogue or in mags like that! Your pants are seriously amazing and your shirt is so feminine and romantic!! I adore your trench coat too! And what can I say about these AWESOME shoes and your pretty bag? I’m speechless! I’m really head over hills about this outfit!! You always have the most beautiful pictures! :) Loving your style so much, my inspirational folder is full of your pics! :)

    Btw, I’m so jealous of you going in Milan… and now Paris???? You better take maaaaaaaany many photos! haha! :) I wish you a great time, I’ll expect to see beautiful pictures and more stunning outfits! :)

    Take care! <3

  2. Your the best of the best!!!
    Everything is perfect on this picture, i won’t change anything, every detail is great
    I’m a big big fan of you!

  3. love the photos, the blouse, the muted colours the 70’s feel super coooooool!!! got to say the shoes are so divine and remind me of some celine ones i missed! wowwwww! Katie.xx

  4. I really like these pants!! There’s something about them! You can’t go wrong with Celine or Karen so that got you covered and your heels are awesome!! You’ve been doing a lot of traveling, must be so great! Enjoy Paris, especially during your birthday but I’ll send another shoutout then for sure!

  5. we share a birthday! thinking about travelling over to paris but if not, i’ll make some macaroons instead :) or maybe get some from the london branch of pierre herme.
    happy early birthday! you look great, by the way.

    Laura @

  6. this is a style i never would try on but it’s making me happy to see that someone can pull it off really good as you do!

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