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Photos, Mattias Swenson

LONDON. So sorry for the lack of updates, landed in London on Thursday evening and have been battling with insane jetlag and a busy schedule since. The first thing I did after touching ground in London was to lose my iphone (ironically, my boyfriend lost his in a cab in New York the day before) so for two days we’ve been somewhat disconnected from the online world, definitely an interesting experience for an addict like me who can’t go 5 minutes without looking at my phone.

Anyways, the weather here is awesome, aka cold + rainy, and I’m super happy to finally get to layer stuff, even if it’s just adding a jacket to a simple outfit like the one above. More pictures to come!

JACKET, Zara. TOP, Topshop. BAG, Rebecca Minkoff. WATCH, Michael Kors. NECKLACE, Pennyblack.


119 thoughts on “streets of london

  1. Yay, I’m so excited to get updates from London FW. I don’t know what it is but this city is just a magical place.
    I love the pop of colour that your shirt adds to your all black outfit. And I really like your handbag. You can never do wrong with studs and chains :D

  2. amazing bag and necklace! LOVE.
    London?! how long are you here?! Chance to come see/meet you?!x

  3. I just love the black and yellow colour combo; who knew it would one day be trendy to be a bumblebee (in the best way possible). Have a super fun time at LFW!!!

  4. I love love love this black leather clutch!! Stunning !!

    Youre welcome to check out my blog:

  5. you look beautiful either way, layers on, layers off!
    so sad about your phones, cant wait to hear about you again on twitter!

  6. I agree…this look is so simple and effortless, yet looks the bees knees. I love firstly the colourway of the striped top and secondly how it is styled with the studded bag, metallic nail and pop colour lip.

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