sandra-carolinaengman002Dress, Zara. Bag, Botkier. Shoes, Jeffrey Cambell. Lace shrug, vintage. Headband, Goldie. Picture by Dan Carlberg.

STREETS. Been trying to sort out what to bring to NY the entire day. How do you even pack for 3 months?
Right now I’ve kind of given up on the idea to fit it all into one suitcase, it’s simply impossible.. Packing is a bitch!

On a brighter note, check out the awesome picture above that Dan took of me and Sandra during fashion week!

56 thoughts on “streets

  1. Are those the Lita boots? I was hesitating between those and the Foxy platforms and ended up going for the latter.
    Good luck packing!! It gets easier after a few trips..

  2. One suitcase for three months?! Darling that sounds impossible! Such an exciting move though..I can’t wait to see all the wonderful opportunities it shall bring you! Good luck with the rest of your packing x

  3. Also quick tip for packing which you may already know! Roll everything instead of allows far more space and clothes are less liable to crease! Saved my life when I moved to France for 4 months xxx

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Lily Irwin. Roll, it really makes a difference. If you’re taking handbags, stuff small stuff in them so you save space and they keep their shape. When I want to check in just one suitcase, I stuff all my shoes in a backpack and take them with me inside the plane.

  5. packing is indeed a big biatch! Good luck over there!
    You two look really good but i prefr your look because of its dark edge!

    Dimogonda blog

  6. ur coming for three months?!?! for what?!?! i want to know!!

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  7. you are so beautiful! I’m sure you’ll purchase lots in NYC so pack light and buy on spot ;-) I’ve packed for a year before and it was a pain in the ass, but then I realised that I packed too many useless things! And when I was going back home…it became another issue to pack in what I’ve bought over the past year….good luck! bises.

  8. you utter beauty! the shoes are banging but the headpiece is even better.
    good luck packing, I could never help you out on that though, I usually throw random stuff into a bag an hour before I leave. panicking and in tears, obviously.

  9. story of my life! im trying to pack my whole wardrobe into one suitcase for the next 7 months. Really isnt going to happen

    you look fierce by the way


  10. You have this sort of ethereal elfin look to you in the photo. It’s really pretty. I love the print of your dress and the detailing on the sleeves of the capelet. The fringe detail on your bag is great too! :D

  11. WOW, so i need your Lita’s and Sandra’s ACNE top! As far as packing goes, get a bunch of shit and throw it in a Uhaul! I hate packing myself and that’s just the conclusion I’d come to…

  12. love their boots!!!! so fab

    check out my fashion blog at

    i just updated two new posts today!!!

  13. Beautiful photo! I hard time packing for three weeks NY, so I can’t even imaging how hard it must be to pack three months NY.

  14. I had to pack for this summer to go back home to Germany. I left in June and I’m still here until the end of September. One suitcase + 4 months = heartache for me. But you can do it! Think of all the awesome thing that you will buy in New York!

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