117 thoughts on “street smart

  1. Liked your choices. If you’re planning in use it as inspiration, girl I can’t wait to see what’s on your mind =)

  2. the most important inspiration is on streetstyle…love this post…it’s perfect!!
    Love every single pic!!

  3. WOW!!! These pictures!!! AWESOME!!!!

    Xoxo Iren

  4. These are some amazing pictures. All of the patterns are a little much and the colors are very bright but you can see that people are passionate about what they are wearing and are happy at the event! I loved it! Especially the fourth picture and the skirt in the 9th picture! Great post!

    xo, Jessica.


  5. Truly amazing pictures, and I am crushing so hard on the tanned bag the girl in the pink maxi dress have, wow! Unfortunately one can already tell it is way beyond my budget, but just for the sake of curiousity does anyone know where it is from?


  6. Feel like I´m watching a fashionshow. Awesome outfits. Is that the jacket from H&M? Almost bought it but it kinda looked strange on me :D


  7. gorgeous post! and wonderful inspiration, everyone looks so fabulous!


    ps. you can now win some awesome 4EVER WITH EVERYONE bracelets on our blog!

  8. ahhh, you made my day! just seen boring pics the last day – and mostly the same strange ladies and gentelmen.
    Thanks for this nice collection!
    Greetz from siwterland!

  9. That’s when I see this that I start feeling like a fashion amateur x) All the looks are so stunning!

  10. So many beautiful prints out there!!!! The Jaguar chic reminds me of Carrie from sex and the city lol Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Is it just me or the post by honestly WTF was also just the same??

    And now i finally get that you an Chiara are two different girls!! ha-ha!! :D

  12. oh one more thing, i know i’ve commented quite late, it’s just that i don’t comment much. ;)

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